Cultivated Christian

Joe at the Lighthouse

Cruising down Highway 101 in pursuit of the perfect place to have breakfast, just praying to God to direct us to where we needed to be.

We spot a lighthouse and become intrigued by the thought of enjoying our meal with the view, sitting high above the ever-moving ocean. This place was sending us the good vibes we were searching for.

We pull into the park with our loaded up car. The young gent at the gate informs us we would have to pay something like six dollars to continue onto see the attraction. We look at each other in hesitation. Aust and I were practicing our frugality and attempting not to spend any more dollars on this adventure than we had to. When you are going to school and buying your first home I suppose that life becomes easy to live that way. We learn that the chipper fella working the gate goes by the name Joe. He sees our hesitation, but also our bikes strapped to the back of the jeep.  Joe says, “You can pay the six dollars, or you can ride up for free!”

Boy, were we ever excited!  We whip around, park the car below, pack up our breakfast, bible, and jet boil, hop on our fahrrad and make the short ascent. I am wearing one of Aust’s down vests and he is carrying our meal in his pack. We scout out the perfect spot amongst tall grass overlooking a giant rock out in the ocean, which housed hundreds of singing birds. I think we both have the sudden realization that people are looking at us with our little picnic, bikes, rolling jetboil, and Nalgenes of coffee with an admiration in their eye. While we read a chapter from the book of Ephesians I can’t help but thank God for this special man in my life as well as that sweet soul, Joe who suggested that we pedal up to the lighthouse. Yes my friends, I have a special life.

After I finish my food I decide that it is most necessary to draw our new friend a picture of some sort. The only paper I have is a page from my bible and a pen from Aust’s pack. I sketch what I see around me and write him a little note.

After our coffee and fill of breakfast, we snap some photos and decide to be on our way.  I thoroughly enjoyed this special time at the lighthouse where we could sit off to the side and watch the countless families as they toured the area.

When we cycle past the front gate I stop to give our friend his sketch on the Bible paper. He was such a happy kid! God bless Joe and his love for bikes. He tells us he commutes to work everyday on his bicycle. He understands our love for using our muscles to get somewhere.

Onward with our venture up the coast, a sweet memory that we will forever keep dear to our hearts.

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