Cultivated Christian

Running for the Sake of the Run

The beautiful weekend has arrived! Along with this Saturday came a brisk morning; hinting that fall is around the corner.

As I drink my tea I feel completely joyous that it is once again cool enough to experience my favorite hot beverage. I am snacking on a hot banana and coconut flour pancake that I just created with some applesauce on top. It shall serve as my nourishment for our next run today. Aust and I are in a season of training for a marathon. Oh the joys of training for four or so hours on certain days. Such a blessed time commitment it is. Today we will be doing three separate six mile runs. I enjoy training this way. It proves to us that we are simply running for the sake of the run, for our Savior, and because we enjoy it.

Aust and I are so incredibly blessed to have one another to work out with. It is a special time which has allowed for us to really experience each other in raw and real ways. Sometimes one of us will see the other on the highest of euphoric highs. Sometimes it’s the lowest of sickly lows. The support of one another is always there. I thank God for these huge legs and the strength to go on crazy long bike rides, swims, hikes, trail runs, and jogs. More so, I thank God for the important friend that I can share all of these things with.

Aust and Kris

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