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Delivering Prayers to the Doorstep

It’s been on my heart as of late to really sit down and reflect on all of the answered prayers that God has blessed me with. Every time I think on it, I quickly conclude that there are simply way more than I could possibly count.

God is so good.

He is so faithful, so dependable, and so gracious.

This past winter I became quite the little miss dehydrator. I had so much fun dehydrating my own fruits and vegetables. I see it as practice and preparation for my backpacking adventures, a healthy way to snack, and a fun way to play with food. I was dehydrating things all the time. The only set back was that I had to use my oven. This is great news for a little frozen house during winter… not so much for the same little house that lacks air conditioning in the dead heat of summer. I have been missing my dehydrating days!

Half jokingly I have been praying over the past few months saying, “Oh and God, if you felt it on your heart to have a food dehydrator just magically appear on my doorstep someday, I wouldn’t be sad about it at all…” You can ask Austin, I said it all the time.

Today I was cycling home from a fabulous bible study.  We talked about giving God glory, about giving God our human burdens, and about relentlessly and consistently loving Jesus.

I arrive to my home and see a couple packages! Wahoo! What a surprise. The first package contained the new handlebar tape for the bike I have been rebuilding all summer. This package I was expecting. The second one however, I had no idea. It was addressed from my sweet grandmother. I took it inside and opened it up. Low and behold it was food dehydrator. My grandmother sent me a food dehydrator. God literally put one on my doorstep.

I laughed out loud and may have danced. I immediately started thanking the sweet Lord for being such an awesome God. He is a funny guy, paying attention to every last thing we say.

Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator

Food DehydratorI believe that every answered prayer, large or small, is worth celebrating. Tonight I made a great vegetable stir fry and immediately put my new gift to use. God bless this evening! I shall spend it singing my heart out and painting glorious visions. Thanking the Lord for today, for my sweet grandma, and for all of the fantastic people he has placed in my life.

Vegetable Stir FryVegetable Sir FryVegetable Stir Fry

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