Cultivated Christian

A Grandfather’s Definition

Married for 60 YearsI had the opportunity to listen to my eighty year old grandfather define ‘love’ to his three year old great granddaughter.

“It is a feeling we should cherish; a feeling we feel when we see our mother; a feeling we feel when we are happy; a feeling which resides within a family and a home. Love is a feeling that is okay to have.”

How blessed we are to experience such a feeling! To be so rich and deep in its presence. We learn how to love from those around us. We learn to build a home for this feeling from our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

My mother has successfully created a home. It is no longer a house, but a home where anyone can feel most at ease and a part of this family.

I absolutely cherish these walls and the laughter and love that resides within.

Klebenow Home

My father has supported a beautiful family and both parents have set wonderful examples of what it means to be open, genuine, and loving people. I am fantastically blessed to have a family who values the true meaning of a home, the power of love, and the fleeting moments of precious sunset that bask over what a beautiful life we have.


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