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An Instrumental Prayer

As I was finishing up high school and preparing for the next big step in my life, college, I had a simple request of my parents. While never growing up playing any instruments, I was reaching a point in my life where I was starting to acquire an interest. My grandfather, Grandpa Joel, told me at a young age that playing an instrument was something that I would cherish and use for the rest of my life. He spent the latter part of his life playing the banjo, which he does brilliantly, and continues to frequently to this day. I’ve taken what he has said to heart and have picked up a keen interest in the piano. The way the keys feel on my fingers, the distinct sound that notes make and the ability to combine them to make a beautiful chord; the piano is something I would like to learn to play, and play well for the rest of my life.

Grandpa Joel

There has been an upright piano in my family for several generations and currently resides at my parents home in Oregon. The upright wooden piano is dark brown with two round legs on either side. The pedals are bronze and show wear from years of passionate playing. The central piece of the piano opens up, not only allowing you to see each and every key that is played internally, but amplifies the sound as it fills our home. It is in incredible shape and it is so special to have kept it in the family for all these years.

As my interest for the piano started to grow, I started to dabble in the keys. I grew more fond of the piano as I continued to play it and since it was hardly played in my home, I expressed my interest in the piano through a simple request. “Mom, Dad, can I have the  piano when I purchase my first home?” I asked. “Yes, yes, you can,” they both said happily.

Six years later, I’ve established myself in Boise, Idaho. I love my job and co-workers (and thankfully they love me), I can’t get enough of the foothills and the lifestyle of those in Boise and I can see it as a place I could live for a very long time. With all of these essential details lining up beautifully, I had reached a point in my life where I was ready to make a big investment and buy my first home. After several months of somewhat relaxed, partially stressful house searching, I found the gem that I had been searching for. Just as I felt like finding the right home would be a near impossible task, God put the perfect home, in a great location at an ideal price right in front of my face.

Boise Foothills

The home I now live in has beautiful wood floors and it mentally triggered what I had asked for six years ago from my parents. The piano would be wonderful in my new home and I already knew exactly where I would put it. All I would need would to do is either borrow a truck from a friend, or rent a moving truck to get it from Oregon to Boise.  Not big deal, right? Well, not quite. After researching the cost to move it myself, that is, the gas for a 450 mile trip, or having it professionally moved all that way, was not going to be kind on my wallet. At that point, my dad talked some sense in to me, and suggested that I start looking on Craigslist around Boise, because pianos are items that people frequently try to get rid of when they’re moving or since it takes up space in their home while not being used.

With his advice, I started praying and searching for the piano that fit the nook in my home, that would be played for many years to come. Weeks had gone by, and then months, and I still hadn’t found a piano. At that point, I decided to post on Craigslist that I was looking for a “free or inexpensive upright piano”. Within a week, God blessed me with several options around Boise, but all of them were in poor condition or the owners were looking for more money than I was willing to pay.

On one sunny afternoon, I received a call from Dyann. I was away from my phone at the time, so she left me a voicemail. In her voicemail, she lightly described the piano to me and asked that I call her back if that was of interest to me. When I found some downtime at work, I walked out to the parking lot and gave her a call back. She described the piano more in depth and told me that the piano was part of an estate. She didn’t have a use for it and simply wanted it to find a good home where it would be cherished and played.

After work, Krista and I drove over to the home to check out the piano. The home was from the 1930s and had a lot of character. If I hadn’t just bought a home, I’d consider buying this one with all of its uniqueness. Dyann welcomed us in and directed us toward the piano. As I turned the corner into the bedroom, I gazed upon a piano that had stood the test of time. Its keys had been loved, the bench had experience so many backsides; you could feel the age and times that this 1908 Aeolian piano had been through.

There was no doubt in my mind, upon seeing the piano, that it was meant to sit in the entrance of my home. It had a purpose to bring forth elegance, it had a purpose to be played and it had a purpose to encourage worship. Dyann spoke even more light unto the piano, describing its worth and value, exceeding what I ever thought a piano could be worth, but she continued to offer it to me for no cost, just my passion to play.


Despite the piano’s age and beauty, I wasn’t the first one to have been presented with the opportunity to take home this piano. Dyann described that she had called several local music companies, been in contact with multiple piano enthusiasts and several shops that said they would love to have the piano, but whether it was the cost and hassle of moving the piano or just flaking out, no one pursued it. Dyann finally felt it on her heart one morning to check Craigslist to see if by chance anyone was looking for a piano; that was when she found my post, a young, soon to be homeowner who was looking for exactly what she was offering. There’s no doubt in both of our minds that God was telling Dyann to seek me out for this piano and that I was meant to have it in my home. It proved yet again that when we pray, genuinely, God provides each and every time.

God bless,


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2 thoughts on “An Instrumental Prayer

  1. Amen.What a great inspiring story. God works in mysterious and amazing ways.

  2. Sheryl Rogerson-Combs on said:

    Beautiful story Austin and a beautiful piano. It was meant just for you ❤
    Your Aunt Sheryl

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