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Running From Sunrise to Sunset… and Sunrise Again.

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This time a couple of weeks ago I would have been running. I could say this for the entirety of the weekend.

The Ruby Mountain Relay was going down for the second time since it’s creation in 2012. Teams consisting of both six and twelve-members compete in the Relay. Friday morning the teams embark on a thirty-hour, 184 mile adventure starting in Lamoille Canyon and ending in Wells, Nevada. The run encircles the fantastic Ruby Mountains which I call home. My Pops and I have contributed to the ‘My Turn Again?!’ team for two years now. What a journey it has proved to be!

In a relay like this we divide into two vehicles and each run different sections throughout the thirty hours; contributing to the completion of the whole course. The vehicles leapfrog each other while the runners are handing off the baton. Sometimes you will find yourself running in the unforgiving heat of the afternoon, other times you will be running under the endless star filled sky in the middle of the night. When you are not running, you are cheering on and supporting. It is a fantastically unique experience!

Throughout Friday night ‘My Turn Again?!’ was the first team to hand off at many of the exchange check points. We held the lead until about 2 AM. The best part is that we had a team of BYU runners and a team of really fast Provo, Utah runners breathing down our necks. It was so satisfying that they couldn’t quite catch us at each exchange.

The ‘Pacers’ (Provo team) were absolutely convinced that by the time my pops got the stick they would be able to pass him. Little did they know the fire that ran through the man’s veins. He busted out eight minute miles and flew through his five mile leg. We were waiting in the dark at the next exchange. Sure enough, here comes the bobbing of his head lamp. We still had the lead!

When the ‘Pacers’ drove up the asked, “What drug is that man on?! We thought for sure that we would be able to catch the old man!”


I laughed and laughed! The only thing my ol’ man was on was Lay’s potato chips and high spirit. He is classy like that. He is also the strongest man I know. If he didn’t want them to pass him on his watch, it sure wasn’t going to happen. This was a proud moment for his daughter!

So the race goes on. I love the Ruby Mountain Relay because it is real and it is challenging. Whether you are ready or not, your turn to run the race comes because of the hard work of others. Everyone contributes to achieve great distances. What a blessing of a perspective.

Until next year, I will complete more straight forward races. There is nothing quite the RMR. After all, it is how the west is run!



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One thought on “Running From Sunrise to Sunset… and Sunrise Again.

  1. What an awesome race! And beautiful photos of the mountains!!

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