Cultivated Christian

A Time for Praise

Austin and I have seen the seasons change. Our growth has been a journey thus far. I appreciate the changes and adventures our friendship has given opportunity for.

The other day on a run we were discussing the challenge of training for a marathon. The tests and trials we are facing both together and as individuals. This morning on an excellent, but chilly, road ride we talked about how we feel like we are awake and busy all the time. Life is funny like that.

Just as we have watched seasons come and go, we have witnessed the introduction into a new time.

I don’t know about him, but this is the busiest I have ever been. I find myself trying to keep a mental image of every wonderful thing that fills my eighteen hour days. I think of this image every time I feel like I am always running. It brings the realization that I feel this way because I am indeed always running. Somedays its more like taking on a 26.2 mile sprint rather.

So what is the motivation? I choose this because everyday I am blessed with a minute that takes my breath away.

The starry morning sky, the brisk whisper of the wind, or the earthy smell of fall.

The voice of a child reading scripture and the fingers of an adolescent flying across the piano.

A beautiful stroke of a paintbrush on canvas.

The moments when your best friend yells out that she loves you from the kitchen, when your professor looks at you with an eye of excitement and pride, and when the man you love stops by to truly appreciate a painting.

Those are moments worth celebrating, praising, and pursuing. Life is a wonderful adventure. We are blessed beyond measure to have so much good in our day.


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