Cultivated Christian

A Family Like This; A Friendship Like Ours

The instant you walk through the Rogerson’s door you are surrounded by a feeling of belonging. A smile of joy can’t help but burst from within. Their home is a place where beautiful people gather. Their relationships revolve around praise, constant gratitude, and a deep love and caring for one another.

Family members are referred to as friends here. This beautiful way of living really set well in my heart as Austin and I visited in the last weekend in September.

We were there to celebrate family and Christmas! In September! I believe that my largest take away was that life would be so much greater if we all celebrated Christmas starting in September and celebrated family in this manner all year long!

At the beginning of our stay, I walked into the room in which I was going t0 be sleeping. On the bed was a tent! There it was, all set up, just waiting for me on top of the mattress. A sign on zipper welcomed me and hoped that I felt at home. Man, this family sure has me figured out! It was quite the invitation! I am thankful for this time spent with the very kind, inspiring, and loving people in Austin’s family.

Life is happy and sweet.

Being surrounded by such people makes it effortless to full-heartedly believe in such a statement.

God bless the simplicity of life an the friendships we have!

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