Cultivated Christian

Mr. Freud

This is a painting of my dear, beautiful friend Sally. It is a personal study of the past artist Lucian Freud. I never imagined I could learn so much from someone so far from me. I suppose we may never comprehend the impact we  have on one another.

Let me tell you about Lucian Freud.

Brushstrokes and lively colors shape the woman’s skin. The deepness of her eyes and the careful portrayal of her features preserve a raw and natural essence of life.

It is evident that Lucian Freud saw her for the body encasing emotion, rather than the meaning behind the emotion itself. The technique used was intended to create enormous movement across the skin and suggests the significance of flesh to the artist. This woman is beautifully presented as part of the air around her. It is a painting that allows for the viewer to know this woman without questioning the trueness of her visual attributes.

Freud painted people, as they were, not how they looked or wanted to look. In his opinion it was the purpose of the painting to speak for itself and to be a translation of life into art, almost literally as it were. It was acceptable to not show everything he saw, but to put something into the painting that was not there was wrong.

He rightfully was and is an influential artist. Viewers of his work will always have different opinions about the way he chose to portray human presence within a painting. Freud probably didn’t ever mind what people were thinking about his work. He created paintings worthy of standing on their own and said, “The picture, in order to move us must never merely remind us of life, but must acquire a life of its own, precisely in order to reflect life.”


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