Cultivated Christian

Preserved Change

It is my hope to gain a better understanding of change. We work against change a lot of the time. There are points when we try to preserve what should naturally run its course.  We dream and aspire great things, only to choose to remain comfortable in what we know. Fluctuating our lives, our environment, and ourselves is an expected process. However, our emotional attachments often work against this.

Leaves change and fall to the ground every single year. They are incredibly representational of life, death, and change of season. It is only through this change that we are presented with a brilliant display of color and painting of the earth. What happens when we try to preserve this change? What about when we arrange this change in ways it was not intended to be?  We begin to see a forced organization that is decided by our own personal preference.

Arranging leaves on a board served as an avenue to explore my questions. Working against and reacting to change was the objective goal of this piece. Every leaf was coated individually with a latex paint and then pressed onto the board. Layers of leaves compose this piece. The geometric square, elliptical, and ovate shapes are rather restricting. These shapes signify the efforts we make to counteract, preserve, or alter change that is happening in our lives. Working with one general shape of leaf contributes to the idea of the simplification we strive for in times of transformation. This piece has experienced both natural and human inflicted states of modification.

I conclude that seasons of change should be embraced for what they are. Alteration in itself is a beautiful and constant thing. There is absolutely no need to constantly work against it.  Time cannot be preserved.

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