Cultivated Christian

Antelope Accelerating. Falcon Flying.

PM 10 2013

I am learning a deep love for the still moments of peace.

I gaze upon the passing sage, endless blue sky, far off mountains, and golden grasses. My eyes can see great distances; sight for miles and miles. The clouds dance joyfully. They are free from containment and worry.

My mind gallops with the antelope and soars high with the falcon.

As the thoughts come back to me, I begin to consider the love I have for the desert. It is a simple, wide open place. Great beauty is found here. There is a true belonging of my soul in this place.

It is a pure love I have for the moments spent here. They are simple and cherished moments in my life. I thank God that the desert air has found its way into my being. I do not need to be high on the bluffs or low in the dust and sage of the valley to see the simplicity of life. I carry this with me; no matter the distance; no matter the time.

I am in the arms of my mother.
I am running beside my father.
I am holding hands with my dear grandfather.
I am adventuring with a great friend.
Reading with my grandmother.
Laughing with my brother.
Telling Austin that I love him.
I am listening to stories of the 50s.
I am praying to Jesus through and through.

I simply am.

The desert simply is.

Time passed means little. I don’t fret. I know it is instilled in who I am. Much like the people in my life and the simple moments of purity I spend with them. These are the simple moments of peace.


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