Cultivated Christian

God Bless the Talents

I have been blessed with thoughts about the simple talents that God has given us.

My goodness! The chills that I get from an ordinary woman who opens her heart and begins to sing. Suddenly I realize that she is nothing but extraordinary. When my dear friend picks up a guitar and starts strumming a tune, I tear up from the beauty.  When I can sit next to a beautiful soul who can throw a spectacular pot on the wheel, my bones sing with joy!

God has given us internal talents that make us incredible creations in His glory.

I am thankful for the things we do not necessarily know about a person until they feel in on their heart to share what they can do. This makes us all wonderfully complicated and interesting.

God bless you today. I pray that you feel it on your heart to share something you do well with our brothers and sisters and do so in the love and glory of Jesus! 524572_602358136480087_1782408625_n 993794_602358503146717_1342815977_n 1460115_602358693146698_1564772187_n 1463610_602358789813355_61138357_n 1469764_602358393146728_1849712380_n 1474488_602358359813398_627325597_n

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