Cultivated Christian

To relate and rejoice!

I am learning that no matter the age and no matter the situation, we all can relate. For we are bodies of the Lord Jesus Christ, all uniquely made in His image. The point is: we were all made in His  image. This, my friends, gives us something to relate on. To relate and to rejoice. That is what the New Year has blessed me with thus far, and it is only nine a.m. on  January 1st.

Praise God!

This holiday season has been one for the books. The best of my life. I have spent it with some of the most genuine people.  I am so blessed by the amazing souls God has placed in my life for me to so freely enjoy. Upon reflection it is always apparent that every person has been specifically and purposefully placed. In turn, He calls me to love on them all. I cherish this ability He has shared with me.

I have experienced a growing love with a man this season. Austin and I have had many adventures with one another and I pray that they go on and on. God is the cornerstone to our love and this is the best news a girl could pray for.

I trust that this year will fill my life with people to love on and share the joy of our Lord with. I trust that God will work through me and my image as His woman. We are all His work, and all His creation. May we cheer and rejoice to that!

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