Cultivated Christian

Art Lessons For Life

I had a professor once who wouldn’t let me blend anything. “Smudging is a bad habit,” she would say, “You must learn to achieve the value you want by layering and removing the medium. That is it.” Lesson learned: Always think sharp. Don’t let the days just blend together. Take every ‘layer’ for what it is worth.

I had a professor once who said “That’s it, that’s all.” Lesson learned: Life can be extraordinarily simple.

I have a mother who taught me how to color in the lines by teaching me to scribble in circular motions. Lesson learned: It is fine to scribble. It is fine to have a crazy life. You just have to learn to live with the action and adjust when necessary.

I have a father who taught me what it feels like to have a number one fan. Lesson learned: Family is precious.

I had a professor once who drilled into me that people are not made of outlines, they are made of values ending and then becoming something else. Lesson learned: Do not judge some one by their first appearance. Get to know their values.

I have a professor now who has made me think about art more than I ever have before. The best part is that I have only been in his class for two weeks. Lesson learned: We will always be too young to know everything. You can learn an incredible amount in a day.

I had a teacher once who taught me the importance of following my dreams, even if it meant being an artist for real. Lesson learned: Follow your heart, passion, and support others in their journey as well.

I had an elementary art teacher once who taught me that you are not done with a piece until you absolutely love it. Lesson learned: Life is what you make it. Don’t stop until you are completely happy and content.

Thank you teachers. You have made me who I am today. Inside and out of the school. Inside and out of my art. I aspire to make people think like you have and to teach the simple lessons that will be carried for life.

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