Cultivated Christian

This is Amazing Grace

The sunshine is my sweet testimony. The abounding joy I recognize every day is what leads me to a relationship with Christ. It is most definitely a choice to follow Christ; a well thought out choice, and a call to something deeper within my heart. There is this great connectivity between the unfailing love from God and the spirituality I feel here on Earth.

Only God could build a relationship between a man like Austin and a woman like me. But He did, and now we are to me married this summer. Such amazing grace God has for our souls. He provides support like none other I have known through Austin. I am so blessed and so thankful to have a man like him in my life.

A celebration of sunshine and bike riding today! What a glorious Saturday it is. May you be blessed today and everyday.

Here are some photos from Austin’s proposal! While we were on a hike in the Boise foothills, I was truly surprised to come across daisies in the snow. Knowing me well and making it a true surprise, he read to me the 25 reasons he has love for me that he had been giving me daily. He then pulled out a single daisy from his bag and tied to the end was the most beautiful ring I now wear on my finger. It was a moment I will forever hold dear to my heart. 1015950_10201465875516265_974023259_o 1274561_10201465877396312_1291559652_o 1553567_10201465873836223_1667881595_o 1658584_10201465881676419_680192934_o 1889029_10201465875116255_170400430_o

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