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Top of the morning to you! That is what my grandfather would say. It’s a coffee morning for sure. Coffee and almond milk has picked me up from my bootstraps these past two weeks. Life has had been so great; so much good. So much being the key words. Anyhow, I see this rainy scene out my little windows, beaded with rain. Sipping on my coffee and thinking about life.

So, good morning to you my friends, I have a story. I sit here writing a speech for a benefit dinner I was asked to present at. I am honored by this task and very grateful for the opportunity to tell my story. This makes me think of a recent story I heard of my grandpops Klebenow. He was to receive a very high end award. The task was to get him to the dinner without him knowing about the award.

We all knew that if the organization just sent him and my grandma tickets to the dinner, that they probably wouldn’t go. Idea after idea flew past with no approval from all of his children. “No, there is no way dad will fall for that.” They said this time and time again. Finally the consensus was to just ask the man to give a speech. That will be the only way to get him there. My grandma was in on it as well and said that this was the way! So they contact my grandpa and ask him if he would speak. How do you say no to something like that? Especially coming from a past professor who’s passion is teaching and talking.

Grandpops spent a lot of time preparing for the talk. Soon came the day when my grandparents got all ready to go. They got in the car and my sweet grandma says, “Did you remember to grab your speech?” He replies, “No, it is on the table, I don’t need it.” My sweet grandmother tells me later how grateful she was for it to be dark to mask the grin she had on her face.

They get to the dinner event and grandpa noticed something a little different in the progression of the ceremony. He was starting to re-structure the speech he had prepared to fit the new time allotment. All of sudden he hears his name spoken over the mic. My grandma says to him, “You better go get your award!” He went up and received the award with much surprise. Success.

Now, I am not saying that I will be receiving any type of award any time soon, but it is a great honor to be asked to speak. I look up to my grandfather and am proud that he is the recipient of the awards he is worthy of. I am so blessed to be the observer of many impromptu lectures and discussions from him. How wonderful it is when you realize that the very man that people track down to give speeches is the same man who loves me as a grandfather.

God bless that happy couple, been married 60 years and alive for 80. I am proud to be their granddaughter.

With thoughts like this it is sure to be a good day. Happy rain-shine to you!

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  1. I enjoyed your retelling of this story; made me think of how my grandparents have inspired me, so I thank you. How did your speech come out?

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