Cultivated Christian

Good Job.

My chin lifts and I soak up the glory riding within the clouds this evening. They are almighty today. With all of the rain we have had here the sky is powerful, the air is heavy, and the grass is green. Spring is here and has out done itself this year.

My spirit is elated. I was able to tell Austin this after my painting class because it was the three hours that I was able to spend in the studio that just set my heart on fire. I completed an assignment today. It is my most proud accomplishment thus far. It was a painting from memory. The models were both set up on one side of the room, behind a curtain, and us students were all set up on the other. We had the freedom to go over and reference the models as many times as we wanted to. However, it was only the things we carried back with us in our minds that we were able to portray within our work. No sketching, just memory. What matters most to you? I can tell you that color is what I see, carry, and care most about. I know this now more than ever. Within the five steps of leaving the models, I forgot composition, line, light… all I could think was color. This was incredible for me. I was able to create a composition and story using only pieces of color.

I know that I will be a painter. I feel it deep in my bones. When I paint, I cry tears of joy. I weep. I love pigment. It touches my heart. I realize that God has given me the ability to depict, communicate, and see uniquely. This is exceptional. Painting is something I must pursue.

I feel this joy while in my class. I have learned that it is the heart-sinking, challenging, standing-on-your-feet-for-hours, harder-work-than-I-have-ever-done exhaustion that makes me so in love with this practice. On top of it all, the frustration/wonderfulness of the professor interrupting and teaching is a blessing all in itself. Today I finished this assignment. But thirty minutes before I did, my professor told me to start completely over on the female face. What? 

This made my heart sink, but I knew he was right. So I did. And now it is my most proud painting. The quality of color, the turning of the skin, the motion within the paint makes this piece alive. Mostly, I am excited by the growth I see within every single painting. I am very much a student, a young student. Someday I will be a painter. I say this because today, my professor was genuinely proud. For the first time this semester he told me “Good job. This is a quality painting. I enjoy this and am proud.” Woah. I have worked both for three months and my whole life to hear this. How sweet a sound and how fantastically powerful words truly are.

All of this said and all I can think is I love this life. God has blessed me so much. There is nothing that can hold me back from this dream.

Check some raw snapshots of this painting and then the one for the assignment previous. Thank you for caring, supporting, and taking the time to read and look. I appreciate you very much.

photo-1photo 1photo 2 photo-2 image-4 image-6 image-5

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