Cultivated Christian

A Morning of Rest

Two weekends ago I moved from the precious little West Hale house that has been home for the past few years. Sally captured it’s essence in this photo here:

10330403_10152434961121532_4455152434169996184_nThat week following was one of the heaviest work loads I have had with projects, school, life, and work. I was forced to hustle from 6 am to often 11 pm. Making the most of the days! The week ended with a spectacular visit from my dearest grand uncle, Charlie. I will forever cherish his words and those precious hours spent sitting in the shade of the park and walking along the river.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to lead seventeen wonderful Taiwanese students to McCall, Idaho with fellow Jake. We had an adventurous weekend concluded with a fine soak in a hot spring.

This past week has flown by with much joy, stress, love, and growth! Now, Friday morning I can say that I am finished. What does that even mean? I am finished. Am I ever finished? No. This just means that it is nearly 8am and I am still lounging around. This just means that I am given an opportunity to breathe. Final projects are done. For three months I don’t really need to think about school. Tonight I fly to Oregon with my honey-man to spend the weekend with his family. Upon our return I can start focus on my Yellowstone work trip that is happening in a week. Then I have a few days to transition to the month long backpacking trip that I will be doing with my father. Then I have a couple weeks to finalize plans for my wedding. Then I have a day to transition to a two week long honeymoon to Canada. Then I have a day or two to get ready for school again.

That being said, I may just sit here a little longer. I shall soak up this rest and peace. All the while, I should not blink an eye or before I know it, this spectacular time will be gone. Cheers to you and you. May this Friday bring much rest and joy to your life. This adventurous life.

20140509-080312.jpg     20140509-080346.jpg








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