Cultivated Christian

My Dear June

Like Johnny and June. A love so passionate and deep. Rings of Fire, I want to Walk the Line. A love like Johnny and June.

I love June. I loved June.

This spot I am in right now (sitting in the lawn with bright sunshine on my shoulders) is a perfect transition. I am no longer backpacking and not yet married. Just sitting here happy as can be, drinking a mason full of sweet tea.

Please stay tuned for stories of my travels on the John Muir Trail the past month with my papa. Please stay in tune for updates on the wedding season for Austin and I. All I have to say right now is that I am over joyed with love, happy tears, and Christ during this season of sunshine.

One more thing – I mastered the perfect fruit and nut energy bar today. Cheers to this! A happy and hot bike ride to deliver bars and creamy-coconut-almond butter to my honey has made this afternoon and morning excellent. Tea time with my newly engaged best friend, Sally, brings a smile of joy to this face as well.

Happy day, oh! Happy day!


Fruit and Nut Bars
Cherry Pie

1 cup Dried Cherries
1/4 cup Whole-Pitted Dates
Pack these measurements full of the dried fruit. Soak in warm water for ten minutes. In the meantime, process
1 cup Raw Almonds
until they are finely chopped. Mix in the dried fruit and
Process until well mixed and sticky. Press into a pan and chill.

Guten Appetit!



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