Cultivated Christian

John Muir Trail June 2014


“Churches have cathedrals. Nature has Yosemite.” –John Muir

Good morning my sweet chickadee, chick-a-dee-dee-dee. I faintly remember my eyes fluttering open during the night to briefly absorb the grand spread of stars shining brightly against the black canvas of a sky. The lodge pole pines do a lovely job of slightly swaying and creaking back and forth to frame this beautiful sight. I see it now in the light of dawn, a favorite time of the day. The light and air around us has a pink tone of color. The sound of the brook is consistently there as endless, pure water flows over stone. The sound of the birds brings excitement and promise for the day. These precious little creatures are so dependable. They depend on the sun and we depend on their song. I hear the rustle of my cherished father. We were to be in his church today, the Lord’s cathedral, just as we were yesterday, tomorrow, for the week, for the month.

What a day to be the best day of our lives.

IMG_0396 IMG_0407 IMG_0420 IMG_0429 IMG_0441 IMG_0444 IMG_0456 IMG_0625 IMG_0521 IMG_0495 IMG_0468

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