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June of 2013

June of 2013

Two souls who were brought together during a beautiful sunset on a winter backpacking adventure, Austin and myself, Krista, are pursuers of the very things that make us happy. Much like that very first encounter in the crisp winter air, our daily lives revolve around the stunning works of our heavenly Father. It is the pure and natural ways of life that seem to fill the heart with happiness, good will, and love. We choose to live naturally and close to God.

Sun Valley, ID  June of 2013

Sun Valley, ID
June of 2013

Austin Rogerson is a marketing man. He follows his dreams and faithfully listens to what God has to tell him. The first text he ever sent me paired an introduction similar to: “an outdoor enthusiast, avid cyclist, and futbol player” with the notification that it was indeed Austin Rogerson who was messaging me. He has had me smiling ever since. He loves bicycles. He loves people. Austin has a passion for living a fit, healthy lifestyle. He even tends to complete hundred mile bike rides, marathons, and triathlons from time to time. Above all, he lives his life for Jesus and the church. He is an unbelievable teacher, mentor, and friend.

I am a blonde haired gal who loves to smile all the time. I choose to relentlessly pursue the things I love and the passions I have. I am an artist who loves the grand studio of a world that God has created for us to discover. Ever growing as a Christian I look forward to every single day and all it has to offer. Filling these days with school, river guiding, art, working out, and cooking; my life is always keeping me on the move!

In the sunshine of Sun Valley June of 2013

In the sunshine of Sun Valley
June of 2013


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